CICH materials bring health information to child. Youth and their families

Our resources also help teachers, health and social service providers who work with children and youth.

New Genetics Guide

The purpose of this guide is to increase parents’ understanding and readiness to take advantage of genetic counselling services.
You may find the guide useful if you are a prospective parent who:

  • During the course of prenatal testing, has received abnormal results.
  • Was born with a physical difference such as, for example, cleft palate, heart malformation or club foot.
  • Has a close relative with a physical difference or health condition that may be genetic.
  • Has had recurrent unexplained pregnancy losses (three or more miscarriages) or lost children at birth or in infancy.
  • Is older than 40 years of age.
  • Is concerned about genetic conditions that are frequent in some ethnic groups (e.g., Thalassemia in people of Mediterranean and Southeast Asian descent, Sickle‐Cell Disease among individuals of African or Caribbean ancestry, or Tay‐Sachs Disease in Jewish persons of Eastern European descent).
  • Is concerned about the possible effects of being exposed to radiation, drugs and alcohol, chemicals, or infections

The information in this guide is based on the Genetics and Paediatric Health Module developed by Canadian experts in the field of genetics and paediatric health under the umbrella of Canadian Institute of Child Health.

Monitoring Children’s health

The CICH Profile evaluates and summarizes data on the health and well-being of Canadian children and youth through graphs, tables and commentaries covering a broad range of health indicators.

The CICH Profile

The CICH Profile Pocket Guide A Pocket Guide

The CICH Profile Fact Sheets

Aboriginal Children and Youth
Children and Youth with Disabilities
Children's Environmental Health
Families in Crisis
Gender Differences
Income Inequity
Low Birth Weight
Mental Health of Children and Youth
The Health and Well-being of Children - Does it contribute to the bottom line?

The CICH Provincial Fact Sheets

A Perspective on Alberta
A Perspective on British Columbia
A Perspective on Manitoba
A Perspective on New Brunswick
A Perspective on Newfoundland
A Perspective on Northwest Territories
A Perspective on Nova Scotia
A Perspective on Ontario
A Perspective on Prince Edward Island
A Perspective on Québec
A Perspective on Saskatchewan
A Perspective on Yukon

The Next Steps - Caring for Your Preemie at Home

The second edition will educate parents and caregivers about caring for a premature infant at home. This updated, evidence-based resource is at least 50 per cent longer than the first and includes new sections on such topics as feeding a premature infant, developmental milestones for premature babies up to two years of age, and recognizing and coping with postpartum disorder.

William, Won’t You Wash Your Hands!

As part of the Mission for Health campaign, Lysol is working with CICH to ensure that as many parents and children as possible in Canada know about the importance of handwashing to stay healthy. Fact Sheets for parents to use with children are available at

William, Won’t You Wash Your Hands! (Kit)

A resource kit that can be used to teach young children how and when to wash their hands. The kit involves input from experts in the field of early learning and care, public health, infection control and paediatric medicine. The kit contains the following resources:

  • A children’s storybook entitled “William, Won’t You Wash Your Hands?” where William learns how important it is to wash his hands as well as the proper handwashing technique
  • Two posters that cover the steps preschoolers should follow to wash hands
    A resource booklet with a comprehensive collection of games, poems, songs and activities
  • Two resource sheets for staff that provide additional handwashing advice and information on infection control

The First Years Last Forever

Brain research tells us that the first years of life are a critical period in a child’s development. The First Years Last Forever is a first step to help you learn how to create a healthy parent-child relationship with your infant, which, in turn, will promote healthy brain development.

Moving and Growing Series

This series of three books outlines physical activities and games for children from birth to six years of age. Written for parents and child care providers, each booklet has suggestions for safe, age-specific play and activities to enhance motor development and physical fitness, with information on healthy eating.

  • Moving & Growing I: Physical Activities for the First Two Years. 103 pages (2004)
  • Moving & Growing II: Physical and Activities for Twos, Threes and Fours. 95 pages (2004)
  • Moving & Growing III: Physical and Activities for Fives and Sixes. 95 pages (2004)
  • Moving & Growing Series