CICH's child health studies, research projects and activities focus on the whole child

We focus on the broad determinants of physical and mental health social, economic, and environmental factors.

A CICH Profile

In 1989, CICH published the first edition of The Health of Canada's Children: A CICH Profile. This statistical publication presented the first comprehensive picture of the state of child health in Canada. In 2000, we published The Health of Canada's Children: A CICH Profile - 3rd Edition highlighting where Canadians have made improvements in children's health, where we have had little impact, and reveals emerging problems and issues. The CICH Profile - 3rd Edition is an invaluable tool for policy makers, program developers, researchers and others.

For more information on the CICH Profile, click here to visit the site, download the PDF below, or contact Janice Sonnen at

New Genetics Guide

The information in this guide is based on the Genetics and Paediatric Health Module developed by Canadian experts in the field of genetics and paediatric health under the umbrella of Canadian Institute of Child Health.

Canadian Institute of Child Health Day

His Honour Jim Watson declared September 15, 2017, Canadian Institute of Child Health (CICH) Day in Ottawa, marking its 40th anniversary.

WHEREAS, The Canadian Institute of Child Health (CICH) is celebrating its 40th anniversary; and

WHEREAS, this national, charitable organization, headquartered in Ottawa has contributed to the improvement of the health and well-being of children and youth since its founding; and

WHEREAS, child car seat regulation, unleaded gasoline, safe baby soothers, child positioning to prevent sudden infant death syndrome, parenting guides for early childhood development, and maternity care standards are just a few of CICH’s contributions; and

WHEREAS, while we celebrate CICH’s achievements, we also reflect that not all children and youth in Canada have equal chances at life success and that the work must continue so that Canada has the healthiest children and youth in the world;

 THEREFORE, I, Jim Watson, Mayor of the City of Ottawa, do hereby proclaim September 15, 2017 Canadian Institute of Child Health Day in Ottawa.

Mayor Jim Watson with Eleanore Benesch, CICH board member


Dr Lynn McIntyre, Chair of the Board, and Dr Melissa Redmond, Chair of the Scientific Committee


CICH Day 2017