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At the core of CICH's work are our efforts to continuously monitor the health of Canada's children and identify the best ways of improving child health.


The vast majority of Canadian communities do not have long-term planning goals aimed specifically at children's healthy development. CICH is dedicated to comprehensively monitoring the health status of Canada's children, which is an important step in analyzing progress, setting priorities and deploying funds in a cost-effective manner.

CICH action and impact

CICH has developed and published three editions of The Health of Canada's Children: A CICH Profile . This unique resource provides researchers, child health professionals and child health advocates with information on the status of child health, improvements in child health, and recommendations to help Canada's children realize their potential:

The Profile , second edition (1994), contributed to the creation of the Children's Bureau within Health Canada.
The Profile , third edition (2000), influenced the development of the National Children's Agenda and the attitude of governments and society towards the health of all children in Canada, especially with regards to environmental contaminants and the poor status of the health of Canada's Aboriginal children.

In conjunction with the release of the third edition of the Profile , CICH conducted workshops across Canada to share information and identify issues and concerns particular to each region. The issues and concerns identified help target areas for further study and inclusion in the fourth edition of the Profile .

The Profile research process has become a model for other nations, which have adapted the process to monitor their own children's health and well-being.

The Institute also works with UNICEF and other international organizations to compare Canadian child health data with that of other industrialized countries around the world. CICH has represented Canada on ChildWatch International, which monitors government responses to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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