CICH is a National Partner in

National Family Week October 3-9 , 2005

This year's theme is Nurturing the Spirit of Family in Our Communities / Enrichir l'esprit familial au sein de nos collectivités

National Family Week © is a time to recognize and celebrate all the qualities that make families special. This year's theme looks at the underlying spirit that brings family members together and makes the family such an important source of nurture and development for individuals.

The spirit of family is about sharing with loved ones and taking care of people. It is about being inclusive, showing respect for others and understanding that everyone has something to offer. It is about passing on knowledge and wisdom between generations.

This theme also gives us an opportunity to recognize, honour, strengthen and celebrate the innate value of families as a source of well-being for individuals, communities and our nation.

National Family Week © is a chance to rediscover the spirit of family in our own lives and find ways to direct these strengths and values outwards to make our communities better places for everyone.

CICH's contribution to the 2005 National Family Week campaign is a set of fact sheets on how you can make a difference in the life of your child.

Family Service Canada (english) (french)


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