Active/Safe Routes to School
Over the past two decades, school commuting patterns have changed. In Canada, neighbourhood schools report more than 50% of the student body are frequently chauffeured to school by parents. Some are beginning to question both the short and long term consequences of these practices. There are serious traffic safety concerns associated with this trend that have significant impacts on children and youth, their parents, families and communities at large. Traffic injuries are already the leading cause of serious injury and death among school-aged children and youth. The purpose of this important report is to review child/youth risk factors associated with active transportation to and from school and to develop recommendations to promote safe routes.
54 pages (1999)
To obtain a copy of this document, click here (PDF File - 661kb)

Aller-retour actif et sécuritaire pour l'école (Version française)
(PDF File 754kb)

Changing Habits, Changing Climate: A Foundation Analysis
Climate influences many of the key determinants of health: temperature extremes and violent weather events; the geographical range of disease organisms and vectors; the quality of air, food and water; and the stability of ecosystems on which we depend. This report is a summary of the current knowledge of the effects of climate change on children's health.
(2001) 116 pages.
To obtain a copy of this document click here (PDF file 1.28 MB)

Changement d'habitudes, changement climatique: analyse de base
(Version française) (PDF File - 2.40 MB)

Climate Change and Your Child's Health

This brochure explains how the climate is changing and the potential effects on children's health. Extreme weather events (like floods), heat waves, air pollution and water quality are discussed along with ways to protect your children from these factors.

To view a copy of the Climate Change and Your Child's Health brochure, click here (PDF File 339 kb - size: 8.5 x 14)

Les changements climatiques et la santé de votre enfant (Version française) (PDF File - 327kb)

Environmental Hazards: Protecting Children
(Fact Sheets)

Children are particularly susceptible to toxic substances and contaminants. Ten information sheets discuss:

Pesticides and Children
Hormone Disruptors
Breastfeeding: Safe and Best
Childhood Asthma and Air Quality
Childhood Cancers
Preconception and Reproductive Abnormalities
Prenatal Exposure and Reproductive Effects
Neurodevelopmental Effects of Neurotoxicants
Air Pollutants and Respiratory Health
Environmental Contaminants: Children Need Special Protection

Developed by the CICH, this resource is intended for health professionals, child care providers and community health groups. 36 pages. (1997).

To obtain a copy of this publication, click here (PDF File 292kb)

La santé des enfants du Canada: Feuillets d'information
(Version française) (PDF File 303kb)

On Your Own
This workbook is designed for parents or caregivers to read with children who are preparing to be at home alone. Developed by The Saskatchewan Safety Council, it discusses how to stay safe, what to do when help is needed and how to get along with siblings. 18 pages. (1989).
$7 each

Tips for kids at home alone (PDF File 72kb)
Idées pour les enfants seuls à la maision (Version française)
(PDF File 75kb)

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