The Next Steps - Caring for Your Preemie at Home
The second edition will educate parents and caregivers about caring for a premature infant at home. This updated, evidence-based resource is at least 50 per cent longer than the first and includes new sections on such topics as feeding a premature infant, developmental milestones for premature babies up to two years of age, and recognizing and coping with postpartum disorder.
$26 each
($24 each for orders of 20-49 or $22 each for orders of 50 or more)

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Losing a Baby
With sensitivity and understanding, this booklet by Anne Yarwood deals with the feelings, reactions and decisions facing newly bereaved parents. It enables bereaved parents to benefit from the experiences of others who have faced the death of an infant. 20 pages. (1983).
$4 each
($3 each for orders of 50 or more)

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